Apprehended personal violence orders - a survey of NSW magistrates and registrars                



Author(s) Poynton, Suzanne
Title Apprehended personal violence orders - a survey of NSW magistrates and registrars
Source Crime and Justice Bulletin, BOCSAR, March 2012, Number 161, pp1-15
Date 2012
Document type Research report
Coverage NSW Australia
Summary This study examined whether frivolous or vexatious Apprehended Personal Violence Orders (APVO) applications are common in NSW. The study also looked at whether current measures in place to minimise abuse of the APVO process are being utilised. NSW magistrates and registrars were invited to participate in an online survey regarding their experience of APVOs. Of the 207 respondents who had dealt with APVOs in the preceding year 121 indicated that they had occasionally dealt with frivolous or vexatious APVOs. Only 21 respondents reported that more than half of the APVOs that they deal with are frivolous or vexatious. 30% of respondents reported they never dealt with these types of matters. The survey included an open ended question inviting comments and suggestions for improvement about the APVO process. The three main areas where it was suggested changes could be implemented were in the education of applicants, an increase in mediation referrals and the introduction of a filing fee.
Keywords Apprehended personal violence order; APVO; Apprehended violence order; AVO; frivolous; vexatious.

Criminal justice system