Evaluating therapeutic jurisprudence

Author(s)Chan, Erica Hei-Yuan
Title Evaluating therapeutic jurisprudence
Source Alternative Law Journal, 2012, Vol.37, No. 4, p274-276
Date 2012
Document type Research report
Coverage Victoria, Australia
Summary In this article the author reviews the first Neighbourhood Justice Centre (NJC), established in Melbourne, Victoria in 2007 as a one-stop shop of community justice. Some of the features of the NJC include an open plan office with Legal Aid representatives, Police prosecutors and Community Corrections Officers, mixing with counsellors and mediators from client services and a bi-weekly client services meeting. Defendants and applicants are both referred to as clients. Court proceedings are also structured according to therapeutic values, such as the magistrate directly questioning the client to better understand their case and give them a voice. The magistrate is given scope to sentence in a creative and meaningful manner. The author concludes by suggesting that the NJC is a successfully implemented therapeutic justice systems with the only area not comprehensively addressed is victim-based restorative justice.
Keywords Therapeutic justice; criminal justice system; community justice; restorative justice
Topic Criminal justice system