Public confidence in the NSW criminal justice system


Author(s)Butler, Anna, and Katherine McFarlane
Title Public confidence in the NSW criminal justice system
Source NSW Sentencing Council Monograph 2,May 2009
Date 2009
Document type Research report
Coverage New South Wales, Australia
Summary In this paper the authors review the key findings from the survey conducted by the NSW Sentencing Council and the Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research to ascertain community attitudes of NSW residents towards the criminal justice system, with reference to relevant literature and trends in other jurisdictions. Initiatives from other jurisdictions, including the USA and South Australia are discussed as well as NSW initiatives and services, such as the appointment of a Public Information Officer to improve the relationship between the media and the courts. A number of suggestions are made to improve the public awareness and confidence in the criminal justice system including the development and implementation of a range of public education programs, accessible and up to date information and services, and a commitment to improve the relationship between the criminal justice system and the news media. In addition it is recommended that there are regular surveys conducted, at least biennially.
Keywords Criminal justice system satisfaction; attitudes; confidence; survey; evaluation; initiatives
Topic Criminal justice system