Polyvictimization and trauma in a national longitudinal cohort

Author(s)Finkelhor, David, Ormrod, Richard E., and Heather A. Turner
Title Polyvicitimization and trauma in a national longitudinal cohort
Source Development and Psychopathology, 2007, Vol 19, pp 149-166.
Date 2007
Document type Journal article
Coverage USA
Summary The focus of this research was to examine the effect of high levels of multiple victimisation on child well-being. This study used data from the Developmental Victimization Survey with two waves of data collection obtained a year apart. The results found that multiple victimisation during the year was commonly experienced by the children in the study. The term polyvictims was applied to children who had experienced four or more victimisations during the year and these victims had a range of victimisations, including sexual assault, abuse resulting in an injury, and maltreatment. Polyvictimised children were found, for example, to be more likely to live in a single parent or stepparent family. Polyvictims made up 18% of a general population sample of children. The authors recommend that further research explores the experiences of the polyvictims in more detail and research is undertaken of intervention and prevention programs.
Keywords Polyvictims; multiple trauma; longitudinal study; interventions; sexual assault; domestic violence; family violence; maltreatment; child abuse.
Topic Revictimisation