Polyvictimization in a child welfare sample of children and youths

Author(s)Cyr, Katie, Chamberland, Claire, Lessard, Genevieve, Clement, Marie-Eve, Wemmers, Jo-Anne, Collin-Vezina, Delphine, Gagne, Marie-Helene and Dominique Damant
Title Polyvictimization in a child welfare sample of children and youths
Source Psychology of Violence, Vol 2(4), Oct 2012, pp385-400
Date 2012 
Document type Journal article
Coverage Quebec, Canada
Summary In this study the authors examined polyvictimisation in a child welfare sample of 220 children and youth in Montreal. Telephone interviews were conducted with the caregiver for children aged 2 to 11 years and directly with adolescents aged 12 to 17. The victimisation was categorised according to property, assault and bullying, sexual, maltreatment and witnessing violence. The results showed a high prevalence of victimisation during the last year in addition to multiple victimisation. Almost one third of the sample experienced 4-6 past year victimisations and a quarter experienced seven or more victimisations. The results also showed that polyvictimisation increases with the age of the child, with adolescents the most affected. The authors discuss the need to develop more integrated services and for support agencies to develop strategies and interventions to prevent subsequent victimisations.
Keywords Victimisation; polyvictimisation; multiple victimisation; children; welfare
Topic Revictimisation