Why are crime victims at risk of being victimized again?                

Author(s)Ruback, R. Barry, Valerie A. Clark and Cody Warner
Title Why are crime victims at risk of being victimized again? Substance use, depression, and offending as mediators of the victimization-revictimization link
Source Journal of Interpersonal Violence,(published online 3 October 2013), 2014 Vol 29, issue 1, pp 157-185
Date 2014
Document type Journal article
Coverage USA
Summary This study tested the role of drug use, alcohol use, depression and offending as mediators between violent victimisation and violent re-victimisation. Three waves of data were obtained from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health, resulting in a final analytical sample of 11.089 respondents. The authors examined whether part of the reason that victims are at risk of being re-victimised was as a result of increased substance use, more offending, or greater depression following the initial victimisation. Gender differences were also considered. It was found that the total effect of prior victimisation on future victimisation operates through a combination of direct and indirect pathways, particularly for males. For females it was found that early victimisation experiences create a number of behavioural changes that in combination increase the risk of later victimisation.
Keywords Victimisation; re-victimisation; substance use; depression; offending; longitudinal study