The 'fraud justice network' and the intra-structure of support for individual fraud victims in England and Wales

Author(s)Button, Mark, Jacki Tapley and Chris Lewis
Title The 'fraud justice network' and the infra-structure of support for individual fraud victims in England and Wales
Source Criminology and Criminal Justice, February 2013, Vol 13, No 1, pp37-61
Date 2013
Document type Journal article
Coverage United Kingdom
Summary In this study face to face interviews, telephone interviews, and focus groups were conducted with fraud victims and stakeholders. The diversity of fraud is discussed, including identity fraud, investment fraud and lottery scams. The term 'fraud justice network' is used to describe the multiple systems that deal with fraud, including the criminal justice system, civil system and some statutory and private organisations. The challenges faced by fraud victims are explored including reporting the crime and the level of support available. The launch of the National Fraud Authority's Action Fraud in late 2009 is also discussed. Action Fraud provides a central point of information and reporting for many types of fraud and addresses some of the gaps in service identified by fraud victims.
Keywords Fraud; Action Fraud; fraud justice network; support; victims

Non-violent crime