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Research Database

The Victims of Crime Clearinghouse Research database contains summaries and publication details of journal articles, conference papers, research reports and other items that examine the needs of victims of crime and how they can be assisted.

If the article is publicly available on the internet a link is given to the full article. Otherwise it is suggested that you consult a library, such as a university library, with access to electronic journals, or alternatively contact the publisher for details.

Summaries have been prepared by Victims Services to assist visitors to this website locate suitable articles and other items of interest. As these summaries have not been prepared by the author or publisher they should not be relied upon as representing accurately the material referred to. Please refer to our Disclaimer for further information. Authors are invited to submit their own abstracts and to give permission for those abstracts to be reproduced on this website.

Authors and researchers may suggest articles or papers to include in this database by emailing Victims of Crime Clearinghouse or writing to Victims Services.


To find an article you can Browse by Topic (listed on the left hand side of this page) or Search (using the Search field in the website banner above). If you choose Search a new window will open and you can enter a Keyword (eg author; subject, publication). Search Tip: You can use Boolean operators to narrow your search eg victimisation OR victimization. Another example using AND is journal AND criminology.