Victims, closure, and the sociology of emotion

Author(s)Bandes, Susan A
Title Victims, "closure," and the sociology of emotion
Source Law and Contemporary Problems, 72.2, (Spring 2009): p1(26).
Date 2009
Document type Journal article
Summary This article discusses the concept of closure and the meaning it has been given in a psychological and legal sense. In particular the concept of closure is discussed in the context of the capital trial. The author examines the sociology of emotion and the various disciplines, such as psychology, anthropology, political science and neuroscience that have been examining the dynamics of emotional interchange. The author concludes that legal institutions often rely on assumptions about human behaviour but emotions are not static entities, as they exist in dynamic, reciprocal relationships with social structure. The theme of closure has reframed the death penalty debate and affected the submission of victim impact statements.
Keywords Victim impact statements; closure
Topic Victim impact statements