Victim rights and new remedies: Finally getting victims their due

Author(s)Davis, Robert C. and Carrie Mulford
Title Victim rights and new remedies: Finally getting victims their due
Source Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice, May2008, Vol. 24, No. 2, pp198-208
Date 2008
Document type Journal article
Coverage USA
Summary This article briefly reviews the history of victims rights in the United States and discusses some of the differences in state legislation such as definitions of eligibility and limitations of rights to certain categories of victims. The challenges of implementing victim rights legislation are further explored, including constitutional amendments, which can provide a greater assurance than legislation alone that victims rights will be assured but are limited with regard to review and remedies. More recent initiatives are compliance programs and victim rights clinics. At the time this article was written crime victim compliance programs existed in 13 states. These programs are responsible for educating criminal justice agencies and the public about victims' rights. Another avenue being used to address the enforcement of victims' rights is direct pro bono representation of victims in the court process through victims rights clinics. These clinics operate in a small number of states, using a variety of models. One of the goals of the clinics is to provide representation in those cases that will impact significantly on future victims.
Keywords Victim rights; compliance; victim rights clinics
Topic Victims rights