Criminal justice for assaulted women in Sweden - law versus practice

Author(s)Lindgren, Maria Scheffer. Barbro Kenck, and Christian Diesen
Title Criminal justice for assaulted women in Sweden' law versus practice
Source Review of European Studies, March 2012, Vol 4, No 1, pp.167-178
Date 2012
Document type Journal article
Coverage Sweden
Summary The aim of this study is to examine reported crimes of intimate partner violence in Sweden and determine if there is criminal justice for the female victims. For the study 474 cases from two police departments in Stockholm were analysed, using bivariate and multivariate methods. The results showed that approximately 25% of the cases progressed to prosecution, slightly higher than in Sweden as a whole. Further analysis of the data was conducted, including examining the relationship between different kinds of evidence and if the case proceeded to prosecution and also drug use in the offender. The results also showed that women showed interest in pursuing prosecution in less than half of the reported crimes. Although intimate partner violence in Sweden is a public prosecution offence, and legal action can be taken without a women's consent or participation, it was found in this study that cases where the women were not willing to cooperate were almost always dismissed
Keywords Domestic violence; criminal justice; prosecution; intimate partner violence; IPV
Topic Victims rights