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Justice for survivors of sexual violence in Kitgum, Uganda

Author(s)Baker, Bruce
Title Justice for survivors of sexual violence in Kitgum, Uganda
Source Journal of Contemporary African Studies, July 2011, Vol 29, No 3, pp.245-262
Date 2011
Document type Journal article
Coverage Uganda
Summary In this article the author discusses the issue of justice for survivors of sexual assault in Kitgum, Uganda, and in particular the violence that was a result of the Lord's Resistance Army insurgency. The impact on the survivors is discussed, including psychological consequences, gynaecological problems, family rejection, and fear of reprisals. In exploring the issue of justice the author considers the low level of reporting, the police resources and the low prosecution success rate. The economic and ongoing community stability implications of neglecting a justice response are considered in depth. Possible directions that the government could take are explored, including a truth and reconciliation commission or compensation from the offender.
Keywords Sexual assault; truth commission; justice; needs; rights; compensation

Victims rights