Are we all victims now? Crime, suffering and justice

Author(s)Walklate, Sandra
Title Are we all victims now? Crime, suffering and justice
Source British Journal of Community Justice. Sheffield. Summer 2009, Vol 7 Iss. 2; pp5-12.
Date 2009
Document type Journal article
Coverage United Kingdom
Summary This article offers a critical evaluation of recent attempts to centre the victim in criminal justice policy. Some of the initiatives discussed are the Victims Fund, the Code of Practice for Victims, the Witness Care Units, and the amendments to the Victims Charter. There is further discussion on restorative justice which is seen as victim-centred justice, and whether the needs of the victims and offenders are actually being met. The culture of victimhood is also examined. The symbolic use of victims for political and policy purposes is analysed with discussion of the emergence of 'named and shamed' offenders in the United Kingdom. In conclusion, the author ponders the question whether we are all victims now.
Keywords Criminal victimisation; rights; policy; justice
Topic Victims rights