Evaluation of the victims' advocate scheme pilots

Author(s)Sweeting, Anna, Owen Rachael, and Turley, Caroline
Title Evaluation of the victims' advocate scheme pilots
Source Ministry of Justice Research Series 17/08 London 2008
Date 2008
Document type Research report
Coverage United Kingdom
Summary This report was commissioned by the Ministry of Justice to evaluate the victims' advocate scheme (VAS) pilots. The VAS consisted of pre-trial support, family impact statement and personal and social legal advice. In the area of pre-trial support it was found that take up differed across the pilot sites but those who took it agreed that it had been effective. Discussion of the family impact statements found some positive responses such as families appreciating who could deliver the statement and some negative responses from families such as the statement not having an effect on sentence. It was found that there was a lack of awareness and understanding of the personal and social legal advice component of the scheme, and a low uptake. A number of recommendations were included in the report.
Keywords Victims advocate; victim voice; court; pre-trial support; family impact statements
Topic Victims rights