Victims rights and legal strategies: Israel as a case study

Author(s)Sebba, Leslie
Title Victims rights and legal strategies: Israel as a case study
Source Criminal Law Forum 11: p47-100, 2000
Date 2000
Document type Journal article
Coverage Israel
Summary This article examines some of the issues regarding victims' rights and victim support in the context of the legal system in Israel. Emphasis is on reforms relating to the offender-oriented model while taking into account the rights-welfare dichotomy. The author commences with a brief historical overview of the development of Israel's criminal justice system where the role of the victim may be of interest. The potential of the different branches of the criminal justice to promote the interests of crime victims are considered and developments were noted in substantive criminal law, criminal procedure, evidence, and sentencing. The author discusses the perceived threat that enhancing the role of the victim further may affect traditional defendant guarantees. Many of the reforms have focussed on vulnerable victims. The author considers it unlikely, at least in the near future, that informal dispute resolution models will be adopted or state compensation, due to economic constraints.
Keywords Reforms; victim legislation; criminal justice system; remedies
Topic Victims rights