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Victims' rights and the charter

Author(s)Roach, Kent
Title Victims' rights and the charter
Source Criminal Law Quarterly, February 2005, Vol 49, Issue 4, p474-516.
Date 2005
Document type Journal article
Coverage Canada
Summary This article examines the question of whether victims' rights should be added to the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedom. The advantages and disadvantages of including victims' rights in the Charter are considered as well as the implication such amendments might mean for the administration of justice in Canada. The author discusses why victims' rights were not included in the Charter and finds it significant that no group representing crime victims appeared before the Joint Committee proceedings, and suggests that would be a different case if the proceedings were held now. It is recognised also that the Charter is difficult but not impossible to amend to include victims, both in the re-writing and in the passing of any amendments. However, the author concludes that a workable victims' rights amendment would not benefit crime victims to a significant extent.
Keywords Victims rights; Charter; Charter of Rights
Topic Victims rights