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Victim participation in the criminal process

Author(s)O'Hara, Erin
Title Victim participation in the criminal process
Source Journal of Law and Policy, 2005,Vol 13, Issue 1, p229-248
Date 2005
Document type Journal article
Summary This article briefly assesses literature that is critical of the victims' rights movement and concludes that victim involvement in the criminal process is a reality with the author suggesting that changes in attitudes towards victims need to start at the law professor level. The marginalisation of victims in the criminal process is then examined in the historical and international context and the author discusses whether the imbalance needs to be further addressed, Three types of reform sought by victims are identified: making convictions easier; giving victims better treatment in the criminal justice process; and giving victims active participation in the criminal proceedings. The author proposes that victim treatment and participation rights could address legitimate victim concerns without upsetting the balance between the defendant and the State.
Keywords Participation; criminal justice system; treatment
Topic Victims rights