A focus on victims of crime: A review of victims' rights

Author(s)Ministry of Justice
Title A focus on victims of crime: A review of victims' rights
Source Ministry of Justice Wellington, New Zealand, December 2009
Date 2009
Document type Research report
Coverage New Zealand
Summary This is a public consultation document prepared by the New Zealand government in order to obtain submissions on preliminary proposals that aim to improve government agencies' responses to victims of crime and to enhance victims' rights and role in criminal justice processes. The proposals focus on victims' involvement in the criminal justice system from the time a crime occurs until the offender completes their sentence. The Ministry of Justice has identified three broad issues facing victims of crime: dealing with multiple agencies; the need for government agencies to be made accountable; and to simplify the current criminal justice processes to ensure they are receptive to victims' needs. The report includes 24 preliminary proposals, including the establishment of a Victims' Services Centre which would be a central coordination and information point for the services available to support victims and to develop a code of practice which would assist in making all criminal justice agencies accountable.
Keywords Victims rights; criminal justice system; access services; victims needs
Topic Victims rights; service delivery