Victims still: The political manipulation of crime victims

Author(s)Elias, Robert
Title Victims still: The political manipulation of crime victims
Source Sage Publications, London, 1995
Date 1995
Document type Book
Summary Chapter Review: Chapter 6 'Do victims want revenge?' examines what victims really expect regarding justice and offenders. The role of victim-based sentencing is considered and the role victims can now have, either directly or indirectly, through such processes as plea bargaining, victim impact statements in formal sentencing and parole hearings, is discussed. Victims' participation in alternative sentencing processes such as a diversionary program or restitution scheme are also discussed.
Chapter Review: Chapter 8 'New culture, less victimization' suggests that despite the development of victim policy, victimisation has not declined and victims are still victims. The author suggests that a new victims' movement is needed that encompasses feminist and human rights and other victims' movements. The importance of community justice is discussed, including the need for the development of community strategies dealing with current crime and preventing future crime. The author proposes unless the causes of victimisation are addressed crime victims will gain little from the piecemeal reforms that have adopted.
Keywords Victim participation; sentencing; restitution; victims movement; community justice; social justice.
Topic Victims rights