Recent developments in victim-related policies in Bulgaria

Author(s) Chankova, Dobrinka
Title Recent developments in victim-related policies in Bulgaria
Source Post Graduate Course 'Victimology, Victim Assistance and Criminal Justice", 4-15 May 1998.
Date 1998
Document type Book chapter
Coverage Bulgaria
Summary The author discusses support of victims of crime in Bulgaria and although acknowledging that there is no significant change in the role of the victim in criminal procedure law, there have been some effective advances. These include: the government's priority in combating corruption and organised crime; the adoption of the three-instance court system; protection of witnesses during criminal proceedings; the Ministry of Interior now legislated to assist victims; protection of vulnerable people from victimisation; rise in NGOs supporting victims, and using mediation as an alternative to traditional justice. The author notes that economic difficulties has prevented Bulgaria in signing the Council of Europe Convention on the Compensation of the Victims of Violent Crimes but suggest the state should compensate its crime victims and provide other practical assistance.
Keywords Bulgaria; victim support; mediation; ngo's; victims rights
Topic Victims rights