Alaska Office of Victims' Rights: A Model for America

Author(s) Branchflower, Stephen
Title Alaska Office of Victims' Rights: A Model for America
Source 21 Alaska L. Rev. 259 (2004) p, 259 to 288.
Date 2004
Document type Journal article
Coverage Alaska, USA
Summary The Director of the Alaska Office of Victims' Rights (OVR) provides an overview of the agency, looking at the background of its creation, its goals, and its achievements to date. One of the goals of the legislation in establishing the OVR was to grant crime victims access to the same legal assistance as other participants in the criminal justice system. The OVR provides free legal services to victims of crime to help ensure that their legal rights are protected and also advances and protects victims' rights in court when needed and authorised by law to do so. The role of the Victims' Advocate is discussed, as well as complaint handling, and the investigative power of the agency. The author suggests other states follow the Alaska Office of Victims Rights model.
Keywords OVR; victims rights; victims rights in court; model; Alaska
Topic Victims rights