Crime victims' rights: from illusion to reality

Author(s)Boland, Mary, Butler, Russell
Title Crime victims' rights: from illusion to reality
Source Criminal Justice, Chicago, Spring 2009, Vol 24, Iss 1, p4.
Date 2009
Document type Journal article
Coverage USA
Summary This article discusses whether victims' rights actually exist, despite each state government and the federal government passing thousands of statutes that say victims have rights. The authors examine in detail the emergence of the victims' voice in criminal proceedings, including the use of victim impact statements and challenges, such as in capital cases; participant rights; and the role of practitioners. The authors conclude by affirming crime victims have rights and for federal victims these have been made enforceable through legislation and suggest that states should follow this example. The authors also recommend that practitioners, including judges and attorneys, needs to know the laws affecting victims, including how the laws work and how the criminal process has changed as a result.
Keywords Victims rights; criminal justice system; bill of rights
Topic Victims rights