Victim submissions to parole boards: The agenda for research

Author(s)Black, Matt
Title Victim submissions to parole boards: The agenda for research
Source Trends & Issues in Crime and Justice no. 251, Australian Institute of Criminology, Canberra, May 2003
Date 2003
Document type Research report
Coverage Tasmania, Australia
URL http://www.aic.gov.au/documents/B/2/3/%7BB232821D-B968-48B3-A241-5A708E1ECCA8%7Dtandi251.pdf
Summary This article discusses the use of victim submissions to parole boards in Australia, with a focus on how Tasmania has implemented their use. The number of victims submitting victim impact statements is examined and several factors that might influence the rate of victim participation are discussed. Victim satisfaction with parole board submissions is also examined and the concept that if victims expect too much from the process they may be disappointed, is discussed. Several policy issues are identified, including the level of disparity between jurisdictions, the role that victim submissions actually play in the parole process and the issue of victim satisfaction.
Keywords Victims rights; submissions; submissions to parole board; parole board
Topic Victims rights