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Interactional justice, coping and the legal system: Needs of vulnerable victims

Author(s)Laxminarayan, Malini
Title Interactional justice, coping and the legal system: needs of vulnerable victims
Source International Review of Victimology,Published online before print Feb 2013; pp 1-15
Date 2013
Document type Journal article
Coverage The Netherlands
Summary In this study the author compares three groups of victims, victims of domestic violence, victims of sexual assault and victims of other serious crimes, and examines their perceptions about interactional justice with the police, as a form of secondary victimisation, and the impact of the process on their ability to cope. 87 participants in the study completed questionnaires with the results analysed according to a number of measures, including, crime category, interpersonal justice, informational justice and their ability to cope with the crime as a result of the process. A significant finding was that victims of sexual assault reported significantly lower perceptions of interpersonal justice when compared to the baseline group of non-vulnerable victims. It was also found that victims of domestic violence differed from the control group with regard to the influence of the procedure on their ability to cope. It is suggested that psychological counselling during their contact with the criminal justice system is likely to benefit victims of domestic violence.
Keywords Interactional justice; vulnerable victims; criminal justice system; secondary victimisation; coping

Victims needs; Criminal Justice System