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What do we know about the effects of crime on victims?

Author(s)Shapland, Joanna, Hall, Matthew
Title What do we know about the effects of crime on victims?
Source Victimology ed Rock, Paul. Dartmouth Publishing, 1994
Date 1984
Document type Book chapter
Coverage United Kingdom
Summary The authors have conducted an extensive literature research, mainly in the UK, regarding the effects of crime on individuals, households and businesses. Direct effects of victimisation which commonly occur include: shock; guilt; physical injury; financial loss; psychological effects; social effects; and consequential effects such as re-victimisation. There is further discussion about how these common effects vary among crime victims, including the proportion of the population effected; the magnitude of the effect; and the time period of the effect. The national victimisation or crime survey, supplemented by some longitudinal studies, is used as a basis for the study. The authors suggest that their research can inform the development of economic measures of indirect effects of crime.
Keywords Victimisation; effects of crime; PTSD.
Topic Victim needs