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Reaching undeserved victim populations

Author(s)Muscat, Bernadette T. and Walsh, Jeffrey
Title Reaching undeserved victim populations
Source Victims of Crime ed Robert Davis, Arthur Lurigio and Susan Herman. 3 rd edition, Sage Publications, 2007 pp315-336.
Date 2007
Document type Book chapter
Summary Chapter 19 discusses underserved or vulnerable victims of crime who are in need of resources and services. The groups of crime victims discussed are: the homeless; rural victims; ethnic minorities; sexual minorities; and victims with disabilities. For each group the barriers to accessing services are discussed, and some suggestions for improving access are offered. One of the challenges is providing services to vulnerable victims of crime with a multitude of needs. Understanding their needs is complex. For example, the homeless victim of crime could be a youth; a woman; a male; escaping violence in the home; have complex health issues; may or may not have access to shelters. The need to educate service providers about the needs and challenges of these vulnerable victims of crime is strongly advocated.
Keywords Homeless; rural; disadvantaged; disabilities; barriers; needs
Topic Victims needs