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Interpersonal violence and public policy: What about the victims?

Author(s)Kilpatrick, Dean G.
Title Interpersonal violence and public policy: What about the victims?
Source Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, 32 (2004): 73-81
Date 2004
Document type Journal article
Coverage USA
Summary This paper examines the needs and rights of victims of crime from a public policy perspective. A number of reasons are given for making the improved treatment of victims a priority in public policy including: reducing the cost to society in areas of health; to gain victims' cooperation in apprehension and prosecution of offenders; as part of basic American principles of treating people; and to reduce possible violent behaviour. The criminal justice system's primary mission is to process crimes and criminal defendants and many more resources are devoted to this than addressing the rights and needs of victims. The paper gives a brief overview of the crime victims' rights movement in the U.S. and the implementation of legislation. A number of recommendations are provided to improve rights and services such as amending the Constitution, providing sufficient resources and improving collaboration between agencies.
Keywords Victims needs; rights; services
Topic Victims needs