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Mid-adolescent victims: (un)willing for help?

Author(s) Vynckier, Gerwinde
Title Mid-adolescent victims: (un)willing for help?
Source International Review of Victimology, 2012, Vol 18, No. 2, pp 109-132
Date 2012
Document type Journal article
Coverage Belgium
Summary The aim of this research is to explore the help-seeking behaviours of mid-adolescent victims of crime. Surveys were conducted of 14-16 year olds at schools, in Belgium. It was found that most victims of theft, extortion and physical violence told someone about their victimisation experience. Victims of theft went to parents rather than friends while victims of extortion and physical violence were more likely to talk with their peers. The only support agencies that most young victims were aware of were the Centre for Student Coaching and the Children's and young people's hotline and it is suggested by the author that these two agencies could expand their roles and function as important intermediaries for other services. It was found that more than three-quarters of the victims did not report the matter to police and the most common reasons for not reporting were considering the incident not serious enough and shame. Further research in the role of parents and peers in the decision to report to the police is suggested.
Keywords Victimisation; adolescents; reporting to police; support; Belgium.
Topic Victims needs