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Needs and concerns of victims of crime in Ireland

Author(s)Commission for the Support of Victims of Crime
Title Needs and concerns of victims of crime in Ireland
Source Commission for the Support of Victims of Crime; Oct 2010; Dublin; 214 pp
Date 2010
Document type Research report
Coverage Ireland
Summary This research project aimed to identify the needs of victims of crime and their families and how those needs were being met. The study also examined how victims were informed of available support services. Data was obtained from victims who accessed the services of relevant funded organisations in Ireland through questionnaires, interviews, telephone and street surveys. One finding from the study suggested that support organisations were not distributed according to the geographical distribution of crime and an example of this was Dublin. Another significant finding was that under reporting of crime to the Gardai (police) is an issue, as well as the provision of information to victims at the beginning of an investigation. It was found that overall victims had a high satisfaction with the Crime Victims Helpline but a concern was that public awareness of the helpline was low. It was suggested that a more formal referral system should be developed between the Crime Victims Helpline and the organisations it refers victims to. The research also examined victims' experience with the court system, including victim impact statements and witness expenses.
Keywords Victims needs; Ireland; support; information; helpline; witness expenses
Topic Victims needs