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Men as victims: "victim" identities, gay identities, and masculinities


Author(s)Dunn, Peter
Title Men as victims: 'victim' identities, gay identities, and masculinities
Source Journal of Interpersonal Violence,2012, Vol 17, Issue 2, pp.3442-3467
Date 2012
Document type Journal article
Coverage United Kingdom
Summary In this article the author explores gay men's views of victimhood in the context of masculinity and identity. For the study semi-structured interviews were conducted in London with 25 gay men who had experienced violence, verbal abuse and homophobic harassment. Interviews were also conducted with police officers and support services. A strong theme that emerged from the study was the shame that the men experienced as a consequence of homophobic victimisation. The author also examines the effect on black gay men and the complexities of identity. The ways participants in the study moved on after the victimisation is discussed and it was found that men who were involved with supportive LGBT networks were more successful   at finding a resolution than those who had little access to social support. A key finding from the study was that most of the men did not want a victim identity, as it signified weakness, a failure of their masculinity and an inability to exercise agency.    
Keywords Victimisation; gay men; homophobia; masculinity