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Research and interventions to reduce domestic violence revictimization

Author(s)Mears, Daniel P.
Title Research and interventions to reduce domestic violence revictimization
Source Trauma, Violence & Abuse, April 2003, Vol 4, Issue 2, 127-147
Date 2003
Document type Journal article
Summary In this article the author reviews research regarding effective interventions to reduce domestic violence revictimisation. The author considers how domestic violence is defined and conceptualised, and the effect this has on measurement. A number of interventions are briefly considered, including legal interventions such as protective orders, criminal prosecution and specialised courts and social service interventions including shelters and advocacy services. Health care interventions and collaborative interventions are also discussed. A need for more data and research is identified, particularly regarding applied research for intervention effectiveness. The author suggests that there is an opportunity for practitioners in programs with documented success to report on these programs and show how specific challenges were addressed, to assist other practitioners and policy makers.
Keywords Re-victimisation; domestic violence; interventions; challenges.