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The impact of crime victimization on quality of life

Author(s)Hanson, Rochelle, Sawyer, Genelle, Begle, Angela and Grace Hubel
Title The impact of crime victimization on quality of life
Source Journal of Traumatic Stress, Vol 23, No 2, April 2010, pp189-197
Date 2010
Document type Journal article
Summary This article reviews the literature regarding the functional impact of crime victimisation on quality of life. The authors have used the conceptual framework that focuses on role functioning, life satisfaction and well-being, and social material conditions, to define quality of life. The research literature generally indicates that crime victimisation is associated with changes and impairments in functioning that adversely affect quality of life. The authors suggest sophisticated models should be developed that can examine the mechanisms by which victimisation affects the quality of life indices. Further research will help inform policy and practice and guide the development of education and training programs for victims. It is also suggested that future research improve the methodology used for estimating costs related to crime victimisation.
Keywords Victimisation; quality of life; well-being; functioning.
Topic Victimisation