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Developmental victimology

Author(s)Finkelhor, David
Title Developmental victimology
Source Victims of Crime ed Robert Davis, Arthur Lurigio and Susan Herman. 3 rd edition, Sage Publications, 2007 9-34.
Date 2007
Document type Book chapter
Summary This chapter outlines developmental victimology including definitional issues; differential character of child victimisation; the scope of child victimisation; typology of child victimisation by incidence; developmental propositions; intrafamily victimisation; gender and victimisation. The author proposes a new conceptual framework for thinking about victimisation and identifies areas where further research is needed. Better statistics are needed to document and analyse the scope, nature and trends of child victimisation. Theory and research that cuts across and integrates the various forms of child victimisation is needed. Finally, it is recommended that the field needs a more developmental perspective on child victimisation.
Keywords Child victims; intrafamily victimisation; gender; developmental perspective.
Topic Victimology; children