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Victimology, victimisation and public policy

Author(s) Davies, Pamela, Francis, Peter, Japp, Victor
Title Victimology, victimisation and public policy
Source Victimisation: Theory, Research and Policy ed Davies, Pamela, Francis, Peter, Japp, Victor, Palgrave Macmillan, Hampshire, 2003
Date 2003
Document type Book chapter
Coverage United Kingdom
Summary This chapter introduces and puts in context the core themes of the book (Victimisation: Theory, Research and Policy): victimological perspective; research; victimisation and concern about crime; risk of crime; and victims, public policy and practice. The advances in victim-centred policy in the UK over the past four decades, and in particular within the global context are briefly discussed. Two points are identified as recurring themes around victims: the lack of coherent victims' policy and victims defined by their needs rather than their rights; and also that victims' experiences of the criminal justice system remains unfavourable.
Keywords Victims rights; criminal justice system; victims experience; victims needs
Topic Victims rights