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The reoccurrence of victimization

Author(s) Daigle, Leah, Fisher, Bonnie and Guthrie, Pamela
Title The Reoccurrence of Victimization
Source Victims of Crime ed Robert Davis, Arthur Lurigio and Susan Herman. 3rd edition, Sage Publications, 2007 pp211-232.
Date 2007
Document type Book chapter
Summary Chapter 13 provides an overview of the theoretical developments and findings from the emergent field of the re​occurrence of victimisation. The terminology used to describe the recurrence of victimisation, repeat victimisation and revictimisation is discussed. There is more detailed discussion of repeat victimisation in property and personal violence matters and sexual revictimisation. It is established that victims of sexual assault have the highest revictimisation rate apart from any group except domestic violence, but it is acknowledged that estimates vary. An analysis of the time course of repeat victimisation is provided. The authors examine the correlates and causes of repeat victimisation and discuss some of the repeat victimisation prevention programs. The paper concludes with suggestions for areas needing future research and advice for well designed studies.
Keywords Victimisation; revictimisation; prevention programs
Topic Victimisation , Service delivery