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Victims of crime in the United Arab Emirates

Author(s)Alomosh, Ahmad Falah
Title Victims of crime in the United Arab Emirates
Source Social Behaviour and Personality, 2009, 37 (7), 971-976
Date 2009
Document type Journal article
Coverage United Arab Emirates
Summary This study looks at the experiences of crime victims and their relatives in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The method used was a questionnaire that asked what types of crime individuals were subjected to, both recent and past victimisation, and the direct experiences of victims. A random sample of 592 males and 568 females was drawn from the 1520 respondents. It was concluded that the most common crimes experienced by victims in the UAE were harassment by beggars, simple assaults, property damage, fraud, and theft of mail and car contents. The crimes people think they are most likely to become victims are fraud and riots by young people near their home.
Keywords Crime victimisation; victims experiences; UAE 
Topic Victimisation