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Reciprocal effects of victimization and routine activities
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Victimization and the victim industry
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Reporting violence to the police: Predictors through the life course
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Victim responses to violence: the effect of alcohol context on crime labeling
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When is violence not a crime? Factors associated with victims’ labelling of violence as a crime
Brennan, Iain R.; International Review of Victimology, Online before print Nov 2015; p1-21; Journal article; Keywords: Victimisation; crime; labelling; multilevel modelling; violence

Victims’ perceptions of the criminality of their assault experiences: Analysis of physical assaults and threats by males captured in the 2005 Personal Safety Survey
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Fear of property crime: examining the effects of victimization, vicarious victimization, and perceived risk
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Reporting behavior of fraud victims and Black’s theory of law: an empirical assessment
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Polyvictimization in a child welfare sample of children and youths
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The reoccurrence of victimization
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Victimology, victimisation and public policy
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Willingness to report crimes: the role of ethnic group membership and community efficacy
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Men as victims: “victim” identities, gay identities, and masculinities
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Developmental victimology
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The serious impact and consequences of physical assault 
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Property crime victims’ decision to notify the police: social, cognitive, and affective determinants
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The impact of crime victimization on quality of life
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Criminal, crime victim, or John Smith? Constructions of victimhood and perpetratorship among Swedish probationers
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Good versus bad? Victims, offenders and victim-offenders in Swedish crime policy
Heber, Anita; European Journal of Criminology, 2014, Vol 11, No. 4, pp 410-428; Journal article; Keywords: Victimisation; victim-offenders; offenders; juveniles; youth; ideal victim; Sweden.

The phenomena of multiple victimization: The relationship between personal and property crime risk
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A theory of victimhood: politics, conflict and the construction of victim-based identity
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Assaulted victims of nondomestic violence in Norway – injury, crime characteristics and emotions during the assault
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Victimization of the severely mentally ill in Greece: the extent of the problem
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Future challenges of international victimology
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Examining the boundaries of hate crime policy: Considering age and gender
Mason-Bish, Hannah; Criminal Justice Policy Review, May 2013, Vol. 24, No. 3, pp297-316; Journal article; Keywords: Victimisation; hate crime; conceptualisation; social constructionism.

Victimology in transitional justice: victimhood, innocence and hierarchy
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Research and interventions to reduce domestic violence revictimization
Mears, Daniel P; Trauma, Violence & Abuse , April 2003, Vol 4, Issue 2, 127-147; Journal article; Keywords: Re-victimisation; domestic violence; interventions; challenges

The victimization experiences of women in the workforce: moving beyond single categories of work or violence
Potter, Sharyn J., and Victoria L. Banyard; Violence and Victims , 2011 Vol 26, Number 4, pp 513-532; Journal article; Keywords: Victimisation; women; violence against women.

Appropriately upset? Emotion norms and perceptions of crime victims
Rose, Mary R., Nadler, Janice and Jim Clark; Law and Human Behaviour, Apr 2006, Vol. 30 No 2, pp203-219; Journal article: Keywords: Emotions; perceptions; compensation; victim impact statements; norms

Sexual revictimization in adult women: examining factors associated with their childhood and adulthood experiences
Simmel, Cassandra, Postmus Judy L., and Inseon Lee;Journal of Child Sexual Abuse, 2012, Sept. 21:5, pp 593-611; Journal article; Keywords:Re-victimisation; sexual assault; childhood abuse; disclosure.

Men’s experiences of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse and abuse in health care: A cross-sectional study of a Swedish random male population sample
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Crime victimization in adults with severe mental illness
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Violent victimisation across the life course: moving a “victim careers” agenda forward
Tillyer, Skubak Marie; Criminal and Justice Behavior, 2013, pp. 593-612; Journal article; Keywords: Violent victimisation; life course; victim careers

Who is the victim of crime? Paying homage to the work of Richard Quinney
Walklate, Sandra; Crime Media Culture; August 2012; Vol. 8; No 2; p 173-184; Journal article; Keywords: Victimology; Quinney; victim; positivist victimology

Neutralizing sexual victimization: a typology of victims’ non-reporting accounts
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Reconceptualizing victimization and victimization responses
Zaykowski, Heather; Crime & Delinquency, published online 18 February 2011, pp1-26; Journal article; Keywords: victimization; crime reporting; juveniles

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