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Victimization of the severely mentally ill in Greece: the extent of the problem 


Author(s)Katsikidou, Magdalini, Maria Samakouri, Maria Fotiadou, Alkaterini Arvaniti, Theofanis Vorvolakos, Kiriakos Xenitidis and Miltos Livaditis
Title Victimization of the severely mentally ill in Greece: the extent of the problem
Source International Journal of Social Psychiatry, Nov 2013, Vol. 59, No 7, pp 706-715.
Date 2013
Document type Journal article
Coverage Greece
Summary This study examines the reported victimisation of seriously mentally ill outpatients in Greece, compared with healthy controls. The study sample consisted of 150 severely mentally ill patients with a diagnosis of schizophrenia, schizoaffective disorder or bipolar disorder, and 150 health controls. Compared with controls the mentally ill patients reported higher rates of victimisation and discrimination. Patients were more likely to be victims of theft of personal items and assaults and more frequently reported injuries after an assault that needed medical care. In addition to violent victimisation there was an emphasis on financial exploitation of the mentally ill. For some types of crime, such as burglaries and sexual crimes, there were no statistically significant differences between patients and controls. Patients often reported that they had been assaulted or threatened by members of their family. It was also found that the majority of patients who have been victims of criminal acts reported significant emotional distress.
Keywords Victimisation; mental illness; discrimination; assault; financial crime
Topic Victimisation