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​The serious impact and consequences of physical assault

Author(s) Fuller, Georgina
Title The serious impact and consequences of physical assault
Source Trends & Issues in crime and criminal justice; Australian Institute of Criminology; August 2015; No. 496; pp 1-8
Date 2015
Document type Research report
Summary This paper explores the effect of physical assault on crime victims, excluding domestic violence or sexual assault. For the sample psychological reports of 121 victims who had applied for compensation in NSW were examined. These reports were extracted from the Australian Institute of Criminology's Database of Victimisation Experiences (DoVE). Reviewing the characteristics of the assaults found, for example, that the most common types of weapon used were parts of the body and most assaults occurred in a residential setting. The majority of the victims reported no prior issues with mental health and victims tended to view themselves as more positive prior to the assault. Impacts of the physical injuries such as memory and impaired coordination and scars and pain were identified. Depression, anxiety, fear, hypervigilance and anger were found to be common psychological impacts for the participants in this study. One of the strongest themes to emerge from the sample was the difficulties victims experienced in work and study, and in maintaining relationships. The author recommends further research that would include surveying victims of physical assault to identify the impact of the crime and their subsequent needs.
Keywords Violent crime; physical assault; psychological impact; DoVE; victimisation
Topic Victimisation