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The health, mental health, and well-being benefits of rape crisis counselling                



Author(s)Westmarland, Nicole and Sue Alderson
Title The health, mental health, and well-being benefits of rape crisis counselling
Source Journal of Interpersonal Violence, published online before print August 2013, pp 1-18
Date 2013
Document type Journal article
Coverage United Kingdom
Summary This research explores the development and pilot of an outcome measurement tool used in rape crisis centres in England. The authors outline the development of the Taking Back Control tool, with themes underlying the questions extracted from a literature review, interviews and policies. For the pilot, five rape crisis centres agreed to use the tool with new clients and counsellors administered the tool either in the first or second week and then repeated it every six weeks until the end of counselling. Data from 87 clients who had completed a minimum of two collection points was then analysed in depth. It was found that about half of the clients who initially strongly disagreed with the statement that they felt empowered and in control in their life, no longer felt the same way by the end of the data collection. Other questions that had a large change were reading the victim having flashbacks and panic attacks. The authors suggest that the findings from this study and any future research in the area can be used to assess and improve practice in supporting victims of sexual assault.
Keywords Sexual assault; outcome study; assessment tool; longitudinal research

Sexual assault