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Services for victim/survivors of sexual assault

Author(s)Astbury, Jill
Title Services for victim/survivors of sexual assault
Source ACSSA, Issue No.6, December 2006, Melbourne
Date 2006
Document type Research report
Summary This paper examines the international and national literature on sexual assault services, focusing on the needs of victims/survivors, on existing interventions and data on the services that currently provide these interventions. The author discusses some of the immediate effects of sexual assault and some long term effects that may be experienced, such as PTSD and secondary victimisation. Two main psychotherapeutic approaches to the treatment of victims of sexual assault are examined: cognitive behavioural therapy and feminist (or group) therapy. Innovations in service provision in Australia, including shared counselling and online support, are considered. The author also discusses the importance of general health service providers being equipped to respond appropriately to disclosures of sexual violence, to detect negative health outcomes including adverse psychological outcomes and to conduct consultations that minimise secondary trauma.
Keywords Sexual assault; services sexual assault; interventions
Topic Sexual assault