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Male sexual assault and rape: who seeks counseling?



Monk-Turner, Elizabeth and David Light
Title Male sexual assault and rape: who seeks counseling?
Source Sexual Abuse: A Journal of Research and Treatment,2010, Vol. 22, No. 3, pp 255-265
Date 2010
Document type Journal article
Summary This study explores the differences between male survivors of rape and sexual assault who sought counselling compared with male victims did not seek counselling. Data was obtained from the 1994-1996 Violence and Threats of Violence Against Women and Men in the United States survey. 219 respondents who disclosed being sexually assaulted or rape victimisation were identified in the survey. Only 5% of these respondents sought medical care and the vast majority did not report the matter to the police. A significant, unexpected finding was that men who reported that penetration occurred during the assault were less likely than others to seek counselling. For those men who reported penetration during the assault, the odds of seeking counselling decreased by 58%. Shame and confusion over sexual identity were offered as possible reasons for this result and it was recommended that future research is explore why these men were less likely than other victims to seek counselling
Keywords Sexual assault; counselling; help seeking; male victims
Topic Sexual assault