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Male rape and the careful construction of the male victim

Author(s)Graham, Ruth
Title Male rape and the careful construction of the male victim
Source Social & Legal Studies,2006, Vol.15, No. 2, pp 186-208
Date 2006
Document type Journal article
Summary In this article the author explores how male rape has been understood in the literature, focusing on how a credible male victim is constructed with reference to sexual difference, sexuality and hierarchies of sexual harm. It was found that in social research literature there is little on male victims but male victimisation and specifically male rape is an emerging social problem that is now being discussed. Criminology and the problem of masculine subjectivity is explored in depth and it is found that the meaning of masculinity is not fixed and there is a need to consider the theoretical consequences of how research knowledge is developing and the relationship between research knowledge and social intervention. Sexual difference and sexuality and male rape are further explored. The literature review showed that key issues such as the conceptual definition of male rape and its implications for sexual assault more broadly, are neglected by researchers.
Keywords Male rape; sexual assault; feminist; social research
Topic Sexual assault