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The costs of rape

Author(s)Perilloux, Carin, Joshua D. Duntley and David M. Buss
Title The costs of rape
Source Journ Archives of Sexual Behavior,Oct 2012, Vol. 5, pp 1099-1106
Date 2012
Document type Journal article
Summary This study examined the costs experienced by victims of completed rape and attempted rape. Participants, recruited through university organisations completed a victim instrument consisting of about 200 questions, from 13 domains in which victims may have experienced changes after victimisation, including health, self-esteem, family relationships and long-term committed relationships. It was found that reproductively relevant domains of sexuality, romantic relationships and reputation were severely affected by sexual victimisation. Important differences between the effects of completed and attempted sexual assault were found. For nearly every domain tested completed rape victims experienced more negative effects than did victims of attempted sexual assault but women in the attempted group did report significantly negative effects on nearly every domain. A limitation of the study was the reliance of victims' self-perceptions and memory of changes they experienced as a result of the victimisation and it is suggested that a longitudinal study with a larger sample could assist.
Keywords Sexual victimisation; rape; attempted rape; sexual abuse
Topic Sexual assault