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And justice for all?: Aboriginal victims of sexual violence


Author(s)Dylan, Arielle, Cheryl Regehr, and Ramona Alaggia
Title And justice for all? Aboriginal victims of sexual violence
Source Violence Against Women,June 2008, Vol 14, No 8, pp 678-696
Date 2008
Document type Journal article
Coverage Canada
Summary Research has shown that Aboriginal people are more likely than other people to be victims of crime in Canada. This study explores the experiences of Aboriginal people who are victims of sexual violence, with the Canadian criminal justice system. Respondents were interviewed regarding their interactions with members from the legal community, including police, lawyers and judges and members of the support community including therapists, advocates and rape crisis counsellors. Eleven Aboriginal people who identified as victims of sexual assault were interviewed in the study. The results of this study suggest that race is an important determinant of experiences in the Canadian justice system. Several of the participants indicated that their journey of healing was impeded by interactions with police and lawyers and the authors suggest that educating those professionals about how Aboriginal victims of sexual violence experience the criminal justice system is important. A further recommendation is that more detailed information be provided to victims about the process.
Keywords Sexual violence; criminal justice system; Aboriginal; race; Indigenous .
Topic Sexual assault