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Effectiveness of Victims of Crime Programs

Author(s)Victorian Auditor-General
Title Effectiveness of Victims of Crime Programs
Source PP No 6, Session 2010-11, Victoria
Date 2011
Document type Research Report
Coverage Victoria, Australia
Summary The audit examined whether victim support services managed by Victims Support Agency (VSA) help victims recover from the effects of crime, and whether VSA and the Victims Assistance and Counselling Program providers have treated victims in accordance with the Victims' Charter. The audit concluded that VSA has designed its services on soundly based principles of early intervention, streamlined service delivery, assistance in navigating the criminal justice system and flexibility in addressing victims' needs. Services were found to be delivered consistent with these principles and victims were treated in accordance with the Charter. There were some areas where improvements could be made, such as complaints management, data security and guidance to service providers in victim management processes. One difficulty recognised in the review of services was the inability to measure outcomes for victims of crime and whether the agency's services are helping victims recover from a crime.
Keywords Victims support; victims assistance; charter.
Topic Service delivery