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Victims of stalking

Author(s)Spence-Diehl, Emily and Miriam Potocky-Tripodi
Title Victims of stalking
Source Journal of Interpersonal Violence January 2001 vol. 16, no. 1, pp 86-94
Date 2001
Document type Journal article
Coverage USA
Summary The purpose of this study was to examine the level of support available for victims of stalking. The perceptions of victim service practitioners (VSPs) in Florida and California were examined through a survey. One of the findings from the study was that the job responsibilities of VSPs varied and those working in criminal justice-based programs were less likely to engage in therapeutic activities. As these VSPs were significantly more likely to serve victims of stalking, it was seen that the availability or accessibility of therapeutic services to stalking victims may be lacking in some communities. Another finding was that for victims of nondomestic stalking, service accessibility is problematic. The data showed a wide range of services perceived to be essential or important, with the most important perceived to be assistance in obtaining restraining orders. The overall findings support the VSPs' suggestions that more community outreach and education is needed.
Keywords Stalking; service delivery; victims needs; communities response; service provider training
Topic Service delivery