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The mentally ill as victims of crime

Author(s)Snowden, Jessica and Lurigio, Arthur
Title The mentally ill as victims of crime
Source Victims of Crime ed Robert Davis, Arthur Lurigio and Susan Herman. 3 rd edition, Sage Publications, 2007 pp189-199.
Date 2007
Document type Book chapter
Summary This chapter presents an overview of some of the research relating to the victimisation experienced by the mentally ill, followed by an examination of the data concerning reporting of crime by victims with a mental illness and an examination of the reliability of victimisation data. The authors contend that it is critical to study criminal victimisation of the mentally ill for four basic reasons: they are victimised at high rates; they are more likely to experience multiple or repeated victimisations; they have to cope with the symptoms of their illness as well as the psychological consequences of victimisation; and risk factors need to be identified. Understanding the factors associated with crimes against victims with a mental illness is critical for the development of prevention and intervention strategies. Some of the factors discussed include previous episodes of victimisation, substance abuse, demographic variables and social networks.
Keywords Mentally ill; victimisation; risk factors; prevention; intervention; treatment.
Topic Service delivery; psychological effects and treatment