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Women's experiences of violence and seeking help

Author(s)Postmus, Judy L, Severson, Margaret, Berry, Marianne and Yoo, Jeong Ah
Title Women's experiences of violence and seeking help
Source Violence Against Women, Vol. 15 , No. 7, July 2009 , pp. 852-868.
Date 2009
Document type Journal article
Coverage USA
Summary This study examines why and how women seek help. Some of the research questions included in the study were: type of services or supports women use; which ones are the most helpful; and what barriers did they experience. The participants in the study consisted of women in prison and in the community, who were receiving services from a domestic violence or sexual assault program, and those who had not received any services in the last year, One of the findings was that the victimisation rates were higher than in other studies. It was also found that when asked about barriers or challenges that prevented them from getting help, 82% reported that they wanted to handle the problem on their own and 70% thought the problem would get better by itself. The services and supports perceived as the most helpful were those that were material and these were the services and supports least received. The findings in the study are seen as important to all service providers, particularly in their assessment protocol, and intervention planning.
Keywords Sexual assault; women; services
Topic Service delivery