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Advancing the usefulness of research for victims of crime

Author(s)Lauritsen, Janet, Archakova, Ekaterina
Title Advancing the usefulness of research for victims of crime
Source Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice. Thousand Oaks: May 2008. Vol. 24, Iss. 2; p. 92.
Date 2008
Document type Journal article
Summary The purpose of this issue of the Journal of Contemporary Criminal Justice is to advance the usefulness of research on victimisation for victims of crime. A diverse group of researchers were asked to comment on past findings and the future direction of research on victims of crime, and specifically how findings from that work might be made more useful for victims or potential victims of crime. Three major challenges identified in victimisation research are discussed in this introduction: the breadth of the field and the diversity of disciplinary perspectives; the nature of most research efforts; and the difficulties associated with gathering data sufficient for policy guidance. A comprehensive list of journals publishing research on victimisation is included in the appendix.
Keywords Research and policy making; legal remedies; victimisation
Topic Service delivery